(2)The Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Cure with an Innovative and Safe Home Treatment

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Contents of "Innovative self-management of sacroiliac joint dysfunction, unilateral buttock back pain"
1 / The reason why doctors often miss SI joint dysfunction is their subtlety in presentation.
2 / The reason why dysfunction of the sacroinfactory joint causes other spinal problems is subtle but explicable. These joints are high strength bone pieces and have some movements. When one of these pairs does not move well, other parts of the spine will compensate and perform this heavy duty function without the heavy work equipment, which will result in more acute injuries.
3 / Similarly, when the spinal disc part is repeatedly stressed due to lack of SI dysfunctional joint movements, it can not withstand more displaced pressure from the SI joint dysfunctional and protrudes like a balloon.
4 / A spinal disc hernia is a medical condition that affects the spine
5 / Since the SI joints are very resistant, there are usually 3 causes of their dysfunction. a / One of them is pregnancy, when the secretion of the hormone relaxes the laxity of the ligament so that the pelvis can expand to give birth loosens the ligaments that join the joints IF firmly.
5b / Of a complication of a twisted ankle
5c / The other common cause of sacroiliac joint dysfunction is the fall and landing on the side that is subsequently injured.
6 / Later, the right leg seems shorter. This type of short leg is called functional short leg and this is an objective sign to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment in correcting this SI problem.
7 / Another sign of dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint is a discrepancy in the angle of lateral rotation of the feet.
8 / Orthopedic tests to diagnose the dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint
9 / Sacroiliac joint and its relationship with Piriformis syndrome
10 / The doctor in the previous youtube clip thinks that the injection (steroid) is the treatment of choice for sacroiliac joint dysfunction. True?
Therapy 11 / Pro-lo will tighten the loose parts of the body.
12 / A simple trifunctional treatment is demonstrated with a percussion vibrator placed in the PSIS (posterior superior iliac spine, part of the human hip bone).
13 / Then, the lower back is stabilized at the PSIS level (1 inch above the horizontal rod with a screw at each end) with a strap after the treatment to allow the corrected joint to hold together (the black strap) below the pelvis).
14 / This treatment is very safe and its effectiveness can be easily controlled by the disappearance of the symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction
15 / Rehabilitation guide and Nutrition guide
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    (2)The Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Cure with an Innovative and Safe Home Treatment

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