Arthritis of the thumb

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Arthritis can limit your ability to play sports, exercise or even work and live your life comfortably. You may have arthritis in the knee, hip, shoulder or even fingers. In this video by Ask Dr. Geier, I analyze nonsurgical treatments for arthritis in a difficult place: the basal articulation of the thumb.

Nancy asks:
I am a senior golfer. The pain in the joint at the base of my thumb is very bad. Is ice better than heat? What over-the-counter products can I try?

Arthritis at the base of the thumb, in what orthopedic surgeons call the basal joint, can limit middle-aged people, especially women. Like arthritis in the knee or hip, this joint degeneration can cause pain and stiffness and make using the hand for activities difficult.

Fortunately, many non-surgical treatments can provide relief for arthritis of the thumb at the basal joint. In this video, I discuss some of those options and when I might consider surgery to treat the problem.

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    Arthritis of the thumb

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