cervical spondylosis treatment in homeopathy/Arthritis of the Neck/cervical disc degeneration

cervical spondylosis treatment in homeopathy/Arthritis of the Neck/cervical disc degeneration

What is cervical spondylosis?
Cervical spondylosis, also known as cervical osteoarthritis or neck arthritis, is a common age-related condition that affects joints and discs in the neck. It develops from the wear of cartilage and bones found in the cervical spine, which is located in the neck. While it is largely due to age, it can be caused by other factors as well.
The condition is present in more than 85 percent of people over the age of 60, although some people who have it never experience symptoms.
Cervical spondylosis causes
Unfortunately, the bones and protective cartilage in your neck are prone to wear and tear that can lead to cervical spondylosis. Possible causes of the condition include:
Bone spurs
These excessive bone growth are the result of the body trying to grow additional bone to make the spine stronger. However, the extra bone may press into the delicate areas of the spine, such as the spinal cord and nerves, resulting in pain.
Dehydrated Spinal Discs
Their spinal bones have discs between them, which are thick, padded cushions that absorb shock from lifting, twisting, and other activities. Gel-like material within these discs may dry out over time. This causes the bones (spinal vertebrae) to rub more, which can be painful.
If you have had a neck injury, such as during a fall or a car accident, this can speed up the aging process.
Risk factor's-
neck injuries
work-related activities that put extra strain on your neck to lift heavy objects
keeping the neck in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time or repeating the same movements of the neck during the day.
Genetic factors (family history of cervical spondylosis)
Most people with cervical spondylosis have no significant symptoms. If the symptoms occur, they can range from mild to severe and can develop gradually or occur suddenly.

A common symptom is pain around the shoulder blade. Patients will complain of pain along the arm and fingers. Pain can increase when:
Vertigo is a common symptom.
Homeopathy medicine can cure cervical spondylosis with 6 to 8 months of treatment.
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    cervical spondylosis treatment in homeopathy/Arthritis of the Neck/cervical disc degeneration

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