Could your Sunday morning run cause arthritis? Orthopaedic surgeon explains

Could you run your Sunday morning causing arthritis? Orthopedic surgeon explains

The symptoms of ARTHRITIS include joint pain and inflammation. There is a myth that running and exercising can contribute to joint pain, but that could not be further from the truth, said the Collegiate Physiotherapy Society (CSP).

Exercise is necessary to protect the joints and cartilage in the knees, despite the traditional myth among some that do not run that could cause arthritis.

Runners get on their knees when they jog, so it makes sense to believe they are hurting themselves, said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Howard Luks.

However, there is no real difference in the prevalence of osteoarthritis in runners and non-runners.

The general health benefits of running outweigh the short-term damage, said Luks.

"Running does not seem to cause osteoarthritis of the knee," Luks said.

"After a race, the cartilage will be deformed, but it seems to be repaired well under normal circumstances.

"Interestingly, in runners who have osteoarthritis, running could slow the progression of the disease."

Only professionals can experience some type of arthritis in the knee, but general exercise is recommended, added CSP spokesman and University of Nottingham professor Dr. Roger Kerry.

Pain in the shoulder does not always need surgery, Kerry said.

80% of the pain in the shoulder does not need treatment by surgery, but 10 years ago, 80% of the pain in the shoulder was treated with surgery, he said.

Physiotherapy should always be sought first, and then surgery later, if conservative treatment does not help, he said.

"Surgery can be useful, but on average, physiotherapy will help in the same way," Kerry said.

"Conservative treatment helps with muscle strengthening around the shoulder."

Back pain is not caused by a specific posture, the CSP has also claimed.

A bad back is caused mainly by sitting or lying in the same position for a long time, regardless of posture, he said.

Lifting heavy objects with the back would not have an impact on the health of the back, since the bone is very strong and resistant, he added.

The best way to reduce back pain is to exercise and return to normal life.

Similarly, while recovering from a hip replacement can leave patients tired and sore. But, exercising is necessary to strengthen the movement, Kerry said. Returning to work earlier would also help alleviate the pain in the long term, he added.

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    Could your Sunday morning run cause arthritis? Orthopaedic surgeon explains

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