Gonorrhea Symptoms — How to Know you Have it with 3 Alternative Medicines to Help!

Gonorrhea Symptoms -- How to Know you Have it with 3 Alternative Medicines to Help!


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Gonorrhea is actually the second most common type of STD in the United States. STDs are sexually transmitted diseases, which is usually how someone gets this disease.
Another name for him is applause. Some historians believe that this name was created because a person would experience a sense of applause when trying to urinate.

The other theory is that in order to remove the pus fluid from a person's penis, there would be a device that clapped both sides of the penis. The last idea about how to become this name would be that the French brothels were called les clapeirs, and the people who came to these brothels would become infected.

If a man gets the infection around the penis, in the first week or two he has a 95% chance of experiencing symptoms, and thus know that he has the disease. The most common warning sign is a painful sensation when trying to urinate. There may also be white, green or yellow pus that comes out of the penis as the immune system fights bacteria. Another symptom would be swelling or swelling of the testicles, indicating that the infection has spread.

For women the symptoms are a little more difficult to detect, and can be mistaken for a yeast infection. There could be pain in the stomach region as well as an increase in vaginal fluid coming out which could be a white, yellow or green. A woman may experience an increase in bleeding from her vagina between her menstrual periods. Finally, there could be some swelling around the vagina area as the body tries to remove the unwanted host.

If someone gets this bacteria in the mouth region, the symptoms may be sore throat. Another sign may be swelling of the lymph nodes, which is a region in the upper throat. With eyes could cause eye pain, sensitivity to light, and a pus like fungus coming from them. Finally, with the rectum a person may experience itching, the same pus as the fungus, as well as some blood.
If untreated this infection in men could damage the urethra and block the passage of urination into the penis. With the woman could lead to infections of the vagina area and possibly make a woman sterile. Eventually, it could travel through blood similar to cancer. If it reaches the joints it could lead to inflammation and pain similar to arthritis.

This inflammation could spread to include the liver, bones and even the heart. This whole process of inflammation is not very good because it ages us, damages organs, and could lead to health problems like cancer.

The best way to treat this disease is with an antibiotic. Also someone can use herbal remedies, which is a great idea because it is believed that the disease is getting better at resisting the prescription medicine. Some very common herbs that could help would be garlic, olive leaf extract and colidial silver.

In fact, in the 19th century, silver nitrate was a popular treatment for gonorrhea and later colloidal silver was used. Some health specialists believe that no harmful bacteria can live near small amounts of this silver.

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    Gonorrhea Symptoms — How to Know you Have it with 3 Alternative Medicines to Help!

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