Orchid: a review about Stem Cell Therapy at ARO clinic in Tampa, Florida

Too often with degenerative joint problems such as arthritis or meniscal tears, the immediate solution is replacement. What can be expected in the replacement surgery is a prolonged and complicated surgical procedure followed by weeks to months of rehabilitation and a long recovery period. Many times replacement surgery is presented as the only option for patients. This is exactly what happened to Orchid P, who recently shared his story with us.

Orchid was a vibrant woman in her seventies who had a complete knee replacement years ago that was quite successful. She was left with a limited range of motion, but otherwise it was working well. His other knee had some degeneration, but Orchid remained active and managed to control his pain with an anti-inflammatory. Basically, Orchid had no complaints.

And then she was in a car accident.

The accident destroyed what was left of Orchid's damaged meniscus. She was left with severe, sharp pain and limited mobility. She now needed a walking stick. Orchid's life was seriously changed.

It became a domino effect. Orchid could not work and, with limited mobility, began to gain weight, another additional stressor for a broken knee. Orchid approached her orthopedist to ask for advice.

"My doctor wanted to do a complete knee replacement and I told him, no, I will not go through that again." Orchid remembered what he had experienced with his knee replacement. He did not want to repeat that and hoped to keep his knee if possible.

Orchid made an appointment with Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics. After a thorough evaluation and evaluation, Orchid was offered another option: minimally invasive surgery that would fix the tear, injecting regenerative medicine and using a denervation technique to cushion the pain.

"This triad fuses three technologies of arthroscopic surgery," said ARO Medical Director Dr. Robert Dean, "to preserve your anatomy and extend the natural life of your knee, so you do not have to have your only alternative, be a replacement." on your knees ".

Orchid decided to go ahead with ARO and the day after his surgery he entered Dr. Dean's office painlessly and without a cane.

"I'm on my way now to walk normal, as I wanted from the beginning," he said.

Informed decisions are crucial when considering the treatment of degenerative joints. Major surgery and total replacement should be a last resort with other less invasive options explored first. That is the philosophy that Dr. Dean lives for.

"If we can give another year, two, three, five or ten years of operation of that natural articulation, that's what it's about.

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Video credits to Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics YouTube channel

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    Orchid: a review about Stem Cell Therapy at ARO clinic in Tampa, Florida

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