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Rheumatism vs Daily Routine, How effective it is in Ayurveda Treatment

A healthy daily routine is known as a good medicine for many ailments. But to what extent does this help prevent rheumatism? Here in this video Dr. Rosemary Wilson, Chief Medical Officer, Kandamkulathy Ayurvedic Hospital talks how far one is able to prevent rheumatism your daily routine.

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Interview with Dr. Rosemary Wilson, Chief Medical Officer, Kandamkulathy Ayurvedic Hospital, Thrissur
Producer: Sam David. P
Production Assistant: Rekha. MR
Camera: Tony Issac
Editor: Vin Iris
Chief, Content production: Santhosh George Jacob

Video credits to Manorama Online YouTube channel

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    Rheumatism vs Daily Routine, How effective it is in Ayurveda Treatment | Manorama Online

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