Sacroiliac joint radiofrequency denervation RF for the treatment of back pain London Pain Clinic

The SI joint is located next to the spine and connects the sacrum (lower part of the spine) with the pelvis (hip). The sacroiliac joint is the largest joint in the spine.

Research shows that sacroiliac pain is often confused with back pain in the spine.

As a consultant in pain medicine at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust in London and medical director of the London Pain Clinic, Dr. Chris Jenner works daily with patients suffering from some of the most common, painful and misunderstood conditions to affect people from all over the world. world today.

Along with a series of professional qualifications and more than 15 years of experience in the specialized field of analgesics, Dr. Jenner has a true passion for his subject, a fact that is not only evident by his commitment to use the best cutting-edge treatments . , but also through his desire to understand the impact of acute and chronic pain in the daily life of his patients.

The experience of Dr. Jenner in the treatment of conditions such as spinal pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis has led him to become one of the leading authorities in this field. Using a holistic approach and a variety of treatments that generally combine medication with minimally invasive pain management procedures, he works with his patients to restore a pain-free existence, higher levels of physical function and a greatly improved quality of life.
Dr. Jenner has several books published on related conditions, you can buy them on Amazon at the following links.

Arthritis: a practical guide to continue with your life (Self-help guide)

Fibromyalgia syndrome and myofascial pain: a self-help guide

Neck and back pain: a self-help guide (self-help guide)

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    Sacroiliac joint radiofrequency denervation RF for the treatment of back pain London Pain Clinic

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