SI Joint Self Correction

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Dr. Ludlow teaches 2 techniques to correct your sacroiliac joint dysfunction and reduce your pain!

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AJ here, with Stronglife Physiotherapy. I will show you two techniques to correct your sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Many people can get rid of their pain in the sacroiliac joint with these techniques, so I hope you find them useful too. They work using their own muscles to restore the joint. At some point you will hear or feel a click, a click or a change in the region of the pelvis. And that's fine That is what we are looking for.

First, while sitting, spread your legs and use your hands to resist movement and hold for a few seconds. Then put one or two fists between your knees and tighten well and strong. It is usually best to do two or three cycles of this.

Second, lie down with your knees bent. Place one hand on the knee and the other behind the other knee. Now press against your hands in opposite directions and keep it that way for a few seconds. Repeat twice, then reverse the position of the hand and repeat twice on the other side.

I prefer a variation of this technique in which you put your heel on the opposite knee and push down with your heel while simultaneously raising your knee, so that your legs are pressed against each other. Repeat a couple of times on each side. This technique generates more strength, which is often needed to obtain the desired effect.

I hope you find these techniques useful to get rid of your pain in the sacroiliac joint. Please subscribe and stay strong!

Video credits to Stronglife Physiotherapy YouTube channel

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    SI Joint Self Correction

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