Treatment of Arthritis in Dogs and Cats: drugs and monitoring

Have you diagnosed your pet and wondered what is the treatment of arthritis in dogs and cats? In this video, I analyze the different pharmacological treatments available, what the side effects are and how we can control our dogs and cats with arthritis to ensure that they are as painless as possible, while minimizing side effects.

In this third video of my arthritis series, you will discover which medication is the best treatment for arthritis for dogs and cats. In combination with the home care strategies that I mentioned in my second video, you will be on the right track to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

There are many options and there can not be a single solution for everyone. The different pharmacological treatments for arthritis will work differently in each individual. We must also take into account any other illness that the patient with arthritis has. After all, most dogs and cats with arthritis are older and the likelihood of concurrent disease is reasonably high. Our arthritis treatment plan can be very different for a healthy older adult compared to one who also has chronic kidney disease or a liver condition. The best medications to treat arthritis will really vary between individuals.

NSAIDs are the most common option and do an excellent job in most cases. Other options may include tramadol, gabapentin and even paracetamol (but never in cats).

Controlling the response of a dog or cat to any change in home treatment or medication is also very important. Arthritis is a progressive disease and, therefore, what works now may not be enough in the future. Monitoring will ensure that we make changes to our plan on time, instead of allowing our pets to suffer.

There is no cure for arthritis in cats or dogs, but we can treat this disease better than at any time in the past. You owe your pet the best quality of life possible.

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    Treatment of Arthritis in Dogs and Cats: drugs and monitoring

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