What Is Bursitis Of The Knee?

What Is Bursitis Of The Knee?

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Transcription: What is bursitis of the knee?

I am making this video because someone in my immediate family recently has knee busitis and so I learned a lot about it while he was experiencing treament. I did a lot of reading about it also on reliable medical websites like those on your screen, and I will summarize some of the basics in the next minute or so.

In the first place … What is knee bursitis? It is swelling in a small, fluid-filled sac, similar to a knee pad. This sac, called bursa, reduces friction and cushions the bones around the joint. Each knee has eleven of these bags. Knee bursitis most commonly occurs on the kneecap or on the inner side of the knee below the joint. Inflammation causes discomfort and may limit mobility.

There are a number of possible causes, including

* kneel for prolonged periods, often as part of a job

* a direct blow to the knee, which often happens in the sports competition

* an infection of the bursa

* Complications of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or gout in the knee

* Running or jogging a lot also puts you at risk.

* Overweight puts pressure on the knees that sometimes results in bursitis.

Symptoms may vary, depending on which bursa is affected and exactly what is causing the inflammation. Your knee may feel unusually hot, swollen, or tender to the touch. You may also feel pain when you move or even when you are resting.

Treatment may include working with your doctor or a physical therapist. Certain exercises improve flexibility and strengthen muscles, which can alleviate some of the discomfort. In severe cases, injections or surgery may be necessary.

Your doctor, of course, is your best source for information on knee bursitis.

I have a number of other videos related to knee pain and problems.You will find links to the videos above.

Video credits to WS Westwood YouTube channel

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    What Is Bursitis Of The Knee?

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