What is FAI? Learn the truth about femoral acetabular impingement.

What is FAI? Learn the truth about femoral acetabular impingement.

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Learn the truth about FAI. Please, before making angry verbal attacks, read the articles below and watch the rest of the FAI playlist. There are very real reasons based on the research to question the idea that the bones are the cause of the problems of movement of the hip.

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For an in-depth look at the history and development of FAI diagnosis and treatment ideas in the medical world, please visit:

Research that deserves additional attention:
1) FAI bone forms are common as anatomical variants and are not indicative of disease.
• Femoroacetabular impact: prevalent and often asymptomatic in older men: The study of osteoporotic fractures in men. Link:
• The prevalence of deformity of the cam type of the hip joint: a survey of 4151 subjects from the Copenhagen Osteoarthritis study. Link: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18415788
• Radiological evaluation of the morphology of femoroacetabular collision by computed tomography in an asymptomatic young population:

2) The clash of the cam and clamp does not lead to arthritis.
• Predictors of osteoarthritis progression in femoroacetabular shock: a radiological study with a minimum follow-up of ten years. Link:
• Thoracic deformity does not lead to osteoarthritis of the hip while acetabular dysplasia: acetabular coverage and development of osteoarthritis in a prospective national cohort study. Link:

3) Labral tears and other joint pathologies exist in large numbers in individuals without pain or hip symptoms.
• Identification of acetabular pathological changes in asymptomatic volunteers using optimized 1.5-T MRI images without contrast. Link:
• The prevalence of acetabular tears and associated pathology in a young asymptomatic population. Link:

4) FAI surgery often does not meet patient expectations.
The fulfillment of the expectations of the patient predicts the result of the surgery for femoroacetabular shock. Link:

For a summary of relevant research and for a program designed to help you solve your own hips, go to:

For more relevant material:
1) the diagnostic criteria for FAI are meaningless:
2) lack of reliability of X-rays and previous hip impact tests:
3) Impact of CAM and putative causality of arthritis:
4) What is arthritis really?
5) Prevalence of FAI in the computed tomography of the asymptomatic young population:
6) Is a positive test of femoroacetabular shock a common finding in healthy young adults?
7) Does FAI cause arthritis? This 2010 study gives a resounding NO:
8) Does the pincer clamp lead to arthritis? This study also says NO:

List of discussion videos of why FAI does not make sense + practical things you can start to do to try to improve hip mobility and reduce discomfort:

* This content is not a substitute for medical or individual health advice. If you want to educate and inform.

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    What is FAI? Learn the truth about femoral acetabular impingement.

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